Della McGee        651-270-9136
founder / teacher / healer / reader

Della has been using her intuitive gifts to help transform 
peoples’ lives for over thirteen years.  Her passion for 
dance, yoga, inner balance, health and well being has 
birthed Inner Peace Movement Studio.  Della’s personal 
commitment to healthy, high vibrational living creates an 
inspiring foundation for others to establish a more 
honoring, vital and harmonious life path for themselves.

                     Intuitive Readings
Obtain vital information regarding Career, Finances,
Relationships, Soul Contracts and more.

Relationship Decording

Relieve relationship issues and receive insight into their cause.
When we are in close or intense relationships with others we naturally connector “cord” with them at an energetic level.
When the relationship no longer honors us,
 these cords can drain energy away from us.
Decording is a healing process that enables people to release relationship pains and struggles by retrieving our
energy from the individual in question.

Chakra Balancing

Attain greater balance in your physical, 
emotional and mental life.
Each chakra holds unique energy and information.
When there is undue stress or trauma the chakra can become
misaligned leading to feelings of imbalance, stress or fatigue.
During a session the chakras are brought back into alignment.
The result is a balanced system.

Past Life Resolution

Resolve unexplained physical or emotional pain.
Many times we carry trauma from a past life
into our current bodies.
Delving into past lives can release the trauma and
therefore resolve present day issues.